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Two hundred and forty years of history have brought us to the place where we are today.  The First Baptist Church of Pittston, a community united in faith for the preservation and continuation of a commitment to Christ.  We gather together in what is historically recorded as the first regularly constituted Baptist Church in Luzerne County, organized in December of 1776 by Reverend James Benedict.  The early years, as history documents, offered many challenges for the Baptist Church.  Times were difficult and the Wyoming Valley was a place of turmoil.  The church managed to survive such historical events as the Wyoming Massacre, fought in its own backyard in the summer of 1778 and has had occasion to watch its membership grow in numbers ranging from twelve to an excess of 400 and through all obstacles the church has never faltered in its dedication.  The First Baptist Church has called many places home.  The services of the early years were offered from a home at 117 Parsonage St., Pittston, later from a "Little Red School House" at 555 North Main St., Pittston in the 1830's at the "Fork in the Road", then at a location referred to as School House on the Green".  Notably on September 25, 1865, the cornerstone of the building known today as the home of the First Baptist Churc h of Pittston was laid.  The church located at Water St., Pittston, PA was officially dedicated on June 27, 1867.  This dedication has brought us to the place where we are today and has proven to be the solid foundation we can always rely on, to cherish the memories of the past and to build our future with Christ.